Polarion PH50 vs Firefox 3 Hid Flashlight

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Dyskusje o Polarion PH50 vs Firefox 3 Hid Flashlight

Polarion PH50 vs Firefox 3 Hid Flashlight - If the Air is clear you can reach maybe for about 800 Meters with round about 200.000 Lux. But the Light is not built as a Thrower. You can use the bright wide anlge Light to see waht the next 300 or 400 Meters happens. This is what ii was built for......... The 5 Mile Distance from the Panther......sorry.....but something like this is unbeleivable......it is simply not the Truth;-)
- What is the effective range of ff4 ?
- sorry I was wrong...PantherHID has a "5-mile BEAM"^^
- PantherHID has a throw of 2miles... :)
- @fibopkb ..den Panther HID = noch starker als den Polarion PH50 und kostet "nur" 500euro ... :)
- ull spend $270 in batteries the first month. if it aint rechargeable then its useless. and the polarian has instant on so no warm up time but for the price wat do u expect from some pos chinese hid.
- Hi Fibopkb, pls show us video your Fire-Foxes FF3 $270 USD vs PH50 at high rise carpark ok. Same as your video Dynaluxx 50 Watt HID vs Polarion PH50.
- yes;-)
- I have bought mine used......
- Is it Fire-Foxes FF3 $270 USD. Where to Buy it Fibopkb?
- Fire-Foxes FF3 $270 USD
- Fire-Foxes FF3 $270 USD Fire-Foxes III Features Flux: the 4000 lumen Startup time: acuities 15s (cold) more than 3 seconds (hot) Colour temperature: 4300K Bulb life: 3000 hours Volume: 149mm*49mm. lamp holder diameter 70mm Battery type:4x18650 unprotected batteries(Not Included) Weight: 420 g. (excluding battery) Material: 6061 aviation aluminum Surface treatment: hardened oxidation Waterproof: IPX7,IP67 Right?
- Thank you for your answer! I'll go with polarion. Put more videos with this "monster"
- I dont know the Panther but it is very less Price..... If oyu want perfect Quality choose Polarion but the other even will be bright: Not as bright as Polarion but for the Price you will have much Light too:-)
- Hi! Nice video. What do you think about nightsearcher panther hid? I want to buy a polarion ph50, but i saw that the panther is a strong flashlight too. I don't know what to choose:( thx