Read It Later Firefox Extension

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Dyskusje o Read It Later Firefox Extension

Read It Later Firefox Extension - Gimme an app that I can block websites links from appearing in a web page. Like say I am tired of being bombarded by misinformation from say themostannoyingwebsite and I never cared to ever see it again I could just hit a unfreind button and BOOM it disappears from my browser forever. this would hurt the elite news jerks more than ever and advertising spammers...unbookmark this!!!
- Great Firefox Extension!
- great!!!!!!!!!!!
- Fantastic add-on - My new favorite
- cool. I always have multiple tabs open when reading BBC News or when selecting entertainment stories I want to read, it kinda gets messy when there's 15+ tabs open at once, especially when FF then decides to close on me! I'll definitely try this add-on.
- I have the puggin but i never used until last week I akways had over 8 tabs opened in Firefox and didn't feel like viewing the other 6. I thought why can't i save the pages and see them later and remembered i downloaded this and used it. It was great quick and easy. Im a idiot for not using it in the first place... I can't wait for the new version.
- could u tell me, what key to hold or to do that im able to chose multiple links i want to save? by clicking on the saveing hook it just saves the opened site, for saving a link i hate to right-click; not as in the video..
- actually you jus need to click on the icon again for it to be removed..
- firefox is the best :)
- This is a pretty cool extension but one thing i really need is a "cross" button so you can discard pages you have saved for reading later, because often you decide not to read them. That would make this a awesome.
- Just got it. Already liking it. I've been looking for something like this for ages.
- Awesome plugin, and great video of the review too! Rated 5 stars
- Can't wait for version 0.9... I know I will love it! :)