Reset Firefox -- easily fix most problems

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Dyskusje o Reset Firefox -- easily fix most problems

Reset Firefox -- easily fix most problems - my firefox has no the firefox key on the left coner, How can i do?
- Seriously It Won't Open I Always Click it Even i Slow Down i Go Search Mozilla Firefox And Did Not Work Hell
- I don't have the firefox orange button in the top left corner, and I can't find it. What can I  do?
- Thank you, this is a great tip, it fixed my firefox problems.
- My concern is that I'll lose somethings that I depend on, what exactly is lost during this process?
- When I reach that page, I have "Refresh Firefox" as opposed to "Reset Firefox" ... doesn't seem to be working. I have updated Adobe Flash Player plugin and updated Firefox, but I'm still having crash, hanging and other "sticky" issues.

Anybody have thoughts?
- Wow!
It's realy work perfect, thank you! 
- Whenever i press left ctrl, bookmark's bar appears, how do you fix that shit?
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- Sounds great.  However, there is no Firefox in the orange box on my page.  The problem I have is there is a box that opens up just above the middle of the page.  No writing in it, just empty except for a gray line across the middle of the box and another one at the bottom of the box.  Under the middle thick grey line are two small boxes.  One is empty the other has a ? mark in blue in it.  Nothing happens until I click in the empty box, then I get a checkmark which I can click in and out.  I cannot do anything else on the entire page.  When I click on something I get a little ring, anywhere on the page, just ring, ring, ring.  Same thing if I try to close by hitting the red X box.  All I can do is open another browser on top of it.  I tried to Uninstall but it wouldn't let me.  I finally downloaded and successfully downloaded the newest version.  Closed down the computer, reopened Firefox and guess what.  There was that same empty box not letting me do anything.  What do you think?  Can this problem be fixed?  Google Chrome works just fine.  I prefer Firefox, but don't have an option right now.
- BULLFUCKINGSHIT BITCH !  I've reset this POS browser 5 times in the last 60 days and it STILL HAS the same God Damn
fucking error : not responding <---- yeah Fuck you !  changed the value to 20 in the Dom max string and it STILL issues the error. FUCK FIREFOX it's bitter/sweet.
- Had a colleague ask me about a problem with Firefox. Recommended this. It works.
- I can't even open Firefox....
- this was the best fix video!!! f/f works the best now thanks a whole lot!!!
- I have had several versions of FF, it's the worst!  The next worst is Chrome.  IE is still the best, but all the hackers and virus attackers love IE.
- And straight away I go up to the top left hand corner and I dont have a firefox button to click on So what the fuck do i do now .I've tried contacting Firefox but that apparently is not allowed .Plenty of "is your problem listed here" but no actual contact  . Oh Wait  Ive just solved the problem Ive downloaded Google chrome Bye Bye
- fast forward to 54 seconds to find out how to fix your problems
- Is that your real voice ?
- Reset or "Refresh" is the worst thing to do if you want to fix a problem in your Computer and you think that Reset or "Refresh" will make it better. If you wish to loose all the passwords , history and have bookmarks removed 'JUST DO IT'. It is an invitation to have your Computer Hacked or show me the difference.
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