Review of Firefox Bikes - COLORADO & KOMPAC on NDTV

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Dyskusje o Review of Firefox Bikes - COLORADO & KOMPAC on NDTV

Review of Firefox Bikes - COLORADO & KOMPAC on NDTV - You guys also keep Trek bikes. I have a firefox cycle and when I went to the store I saw much nicer bikes than firefox. TREK
- the guy need to do some research before he starts talking useless stuff
- hey man, you gonna crazy...................................
your tooooooooooo   lieing..........   indian company mtb`s doesn`t withstand a 3m to 4m jump pressure..............
you can use them in the trails and then you can know the ultimate result..........  that is,             frame of the cycle has been fucked
- Lets see, a full suspension bike is needed to jump of a 6-10 feet high cliff (or even more),why doesn't Firefox show that their Colorado can withstand that kind of pressure if their bikes are that good in quality, instead of just riding them on the road, where fully loaded MTBs are slow. Plus another aspect, only one or two frame sizes that do not fit 6' tall people. If your bikes are soo good, then go ahead and try to thrash them on the Trails, and then show us that they survive. 
They guy reviewing the bike is himself so big for the bike, how is he able to appreciate the bike? He calls the bike light weight, but doesn't specify the weight, I don't think it could be under 14Kgs, which is way too heavy of an alloy MTB.
A good bike always has good frame build and good quality components.
The list just goes on....... 
- It hasits own account of good and bad things
- Poverty sucked under confident reviewer.

- good
- trek
- "suspension kafi sexy lag raha hai" damn pathetic! Geez FF bikes cant do much rocky trails, better stick them to basic dirt. Get a Trek/Cannondale for better use.
- that was a typo u moron! I meant 'long rides'.. anyways why am I wasting my time explaining this to someone who doesn't have anything better to do than sit on his ass and make idiotic comments! blah..
- lol. you wanna go on a long drive on your bike? what a retard. I just dont get it. Why cant people simply speak in Hindi if they have no command over the English language?
- Trek 7100 is an excellent bike.. for long touring and excess or aggresive offroading is NOT advised... u can ur trip kit easily and enjoy a long ride....
- Shitt review ... they talk nothing about the performance or specifications on gear quality and the frame...
- Hi dedudedeepak.. I am plannin to go in for a bike for long drives but also should handle well offroad. Could u suggest a brand. I am not a very frequent rider.. jst 30km a week on weekends.. Thanks
- I own a trek 7100 and a Firefox target and I know absolutely nothing about bikes so could someone tell me what exactly I can do with the target and the 7100. my main concern is that ill break the target if I ride it on unpaved roads or just generally rough
- how much is it?
- What do you mean I don't have "potential"? You have the internet. Go and do some basic research on bikes. And I maintain, Firefox is a crap brand whose customers have no knowledge whatsover of bikes and are driven to buy them purely because they are attracted by the features that the bikes offer at a ridiculously low price (not to mention that the features do not work!)
- if u dont have potential to own a firefox bike at least dont tell firefox a crap brand,......the review is crap but the bikes aint.......
- totally agree with u....