Safari 7 vs. Chrome 33 vs. Firefox 27

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Dyskusje o Safari 7 vs. Chrome 33 vs. Firefox 27

Safari 7 vs. Chrome 33 vs. Firefox 27 - I use Chrome,
I'm Opera lover,
I follow Vivaldi
- so why'd you stop making videos....?? your channel has real serious potential. Really awesome content. 
- i use firefox on my liunx computer. love how fast it is on my computer , chrome seems to slow down on my computer put maybe it because i am using Xubuntu 14.10.~  
- I use chrome on my iPhone iPod iPad Mac pc 
- Sooo.... Are you dead like chillafrilla? 
- opera mostly but i use chrome too
- can you do a followup? Firefox 34, chrome 64bit 39 and Safari 8?
- I use Safari on iOS 8 on my iPad. I love OS X Yosemite, iWish I had a Mac. If iHad a Mac iWould use Safari 8 on OS X Yosemite. +gmanist1000 I think you should do a browser comparison with the new Safari 8. In my personal preference,
1. Apple Safari
2. Google Chrome
3. Mozilla Firefox
4. Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer (Sucks)
- you guys forget opera , for opera and firefox are the best internet browser for someone who has  a low spec pc  like me
- Chrome and Safari OS X Yosemite DP4
- I still prefer Firefox because of the addons.

Most of the ones I use are Firefox-exclusive.

And when you have a machine like mine, resource usage isn't really a big deal (within reason of course)
- Internet Explore Would Be Last If It Was On The List. :D
- I use Safari and Chrome on Mac os. I love Safari's user experience with Magic Mouse, and I love Chrome's add-ons.
- I use Chrome on my pc with Windows 7
I use Chrome on my smartphone with Android 4.4.2 KitKat 
- Bye bye Safari & Hello Chrome.
- 1:14 numeric scale is extremely misleading.
- Firefox sucks :D
- You should have mentioned that Safari have pros. Safari gestures work much better, chrome is a bit jerky, no double tap to zoom, and I can't live without iCloud Tabs.
For me chrome takes much longer to launch compared to Safari, the only pro for chrome is it have way more extensions than Safari. But for windows, you pretty much have no better option than chrome.
- I'm liking Chrome a lot on my MacBook Pro.