Samsung Tizen vs Sony Android vs Firefox OS vs LG WebOS 2.0

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Dyskusje o Samsung Tizen vs Sony Android vs Firefox OS vs LG WebOS 2.0

Samsung Tizen vs Sony Android vs Firefox OS vs LG WebOS 2.0 - i don't know why Lg and Samsung tries so hard  we all know Sony is the King and always be the King of Tv's  (panasonic lost its own touch)
- Great!
- which? you talk shit
- Nice video! This year seems to be a great year for Smart TV's. Big steps are being made with the OS for each major TV brand. Each of these operating systems look great! Would be really hard to pick a favorite, at least for me.
- Wery good
Life'is good

- Firefox OS (on panasonic) its the most simple OS... you can put anything in the "favorites bar". channels, apps, or devices...
- I choose LG Web OS and Sony Lolipop for their UI, they both look clean, beautiful and easy to understand user interface.
LG tv also tends to be more "affordable" like their new 4k and OLED tv, and Sony android is for people who are looking for design aesthetic by the look of their backpanel, and slimness, while for Samsung, UI is a little bit cluttered and sometimes confusing (1:00), pic quality is good (if you looking for quality display better not choose smart tv, they are not the best), design is kinda awkward to me, who is this tv stand for?
- Sony is the best
I love the quality of Sony's products
- Android, Sony because they have PlayStation now and google games together
- I choice tizen its fast smooth nd easy to use nd I like samsung tv then lg then sony 
- There both look good.....¤♥♡

This year is going to hard

To pick a overall winner 《%》₩>
- Android and tizen are my favourites for software then when it comes to tv display samsungs look amazing lg and sony look amazing also but Samsung egdes it and the simple controller is a joy to use
- The more I do research and watch videos on all these new os's, tizen seems to be the best looking and fastest one yet.. . Just wish they had oleds tv's this yr.. Im curious to see how much better the lg oled are going to be next to the new Samsung s uhd... 
- In my opinion tizen is best, it's crazy fast, supports samsung flow and has Playstation now. It also looks modern and minimalist but refined. 
- I hope mozilla succeeds in this one, really love how mozilla looks on the panasonic smart tv, the others look just Meh.
- Android is better well i go for ANDROID 👑SONY
- Tizen one❤️👌