Set and Use Bookmark Tags in Firefox 3

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Dyskusje o Set and Use Bookmark Tags in Firefox 3

Set and Use Bookmark Tags in Firefox 3 - Oh wow! Thank you! I've been searching for a long time to figure out how to sort thousands of tags Delicious bookmarks I've downloaded and imported -- this did it!
- Tagle has withdrawn that functionality in a recent upgrade unfortunately, so now I've migrated to Diigo which works in a similar way (but there's no app, it's web-based).. It's great and I recommend it!
- @johnalexwood In January 2008, Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of David Miscavige, spoke out about the Disconnection policy's effect on her family. She revealed that, once her parents left and she remained in the group, she had been forbidden to answer the telephone in case she spoke to them and that her parents only restored occasional access to her by threatening legal action. Disconnection is NOT a personal choice, contrary to what Scientology says.
- Have you tried Tagle yet? I find it is easier to use than Firefox in both tagging (because it uses check boxes rather than free text) and in retrieving (single click). It also allows the same tags for e-mail AND files (so you don't have to remember which folder you saved the file in. Pretty cool, hey?