Set up CAC access with Firefox

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Dyskusje o Set up CAC access with Firefox

Set up CAC access with Firefox - Did you look at my guidance on the Firefox page? Not just watch this video?
- Firefox wont let me load the dll in firefox. any other tips? ie is cac enablec but i need to run firefox for work purposes with pro/e
- @82Acacia. please search MilitaryCAC on google. Select the link after the Red #1 follow that guide for getting your IE to work with DoD websites.
- I would redownload the Firefox program again. As it sounds like it did not download correctly.
- @godservant90 Setup for Firefox? I did not have a Firefox install here, I had how to configure Firefox. What are you trying to find on your drive?
- This is different from me. mine is when i click the setup, it extracts, the i clicked run as current user then nothing happens!! i tried to find it on the drive but i find nothing!!
- @Dynamo55b: Which step was missed 7 months ago? I'll add in bubble. Please advise.
- @Y3ahokay you missed a step...7 months ago
- This is one of the problems with Firefox. It definately works "some" of the time. It does not work every time for every one. This is one reason why I recommend Internet Explorer 8 and / or Google Chrome for anything CAC related. You don't have to "teach" the browser how to work, like Firefox requires it's hand to be held.
- this was the most helpful video that allowed me to access my ako so easy
- I followed your instructions exactly and keep getting the error message "unable to add module" please help