Stop Firefox Auto-Updating (for mass deployment)

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Dyskusje o Stop Firefox Auto-Updating (for mass deployment)

Stop Firefox Auto-Updating (for mass deployment) - how to stop auto-updating my firefox? I have version 28 and I don't wanna to update to version 29 and everytime I have to uninstall it to the old version. Someone help me.
- how i stop firefox auto opening in my computer when i log in to my user? (windowns 7 home edition)
- i am 666 viewer :/
- That really helped me. I like to use Fire Fox 5.0. I kept getting a pop up to download FF 11. I didn't know if "about:config" would have a place in there where it would stop FF from constantly want to change to a newer version. There are certain addons I like to use but the newer versions won't let them work. Thanks
- @nikamar94 You are correct. I should have said that, I meant for this to be for an IT environment where they can script it, but your comment is appreciated.
- just go to option, advanced..and never check for updates...if its already been updated..just uninstall and reinstall and seting for never check for update..done!
- @yjplpl My thoughts exactly, it seems they are getting into the habit of telling us what we want rather then listening to their community of users. Microsoft is doing it in their Beta for Windows 8 by not letting us give feedback. Thanks for the comment.