The Best Web Browser? (2015)

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The Best Web Browser? (2015) - I would like to use chrome, but my windows 7 HP computer doesn't think so. /:
- I might be the only one, but I use Safari and I am very happy with it. On my 13" MacBook Pro it runs lightning fast and it doesn't take 2 seconds as stated on the video, it definitely takes less than 1 second because I click on the icon and it pops up right away. Anyway I don't know about other browsers because I never downloaded them and I'm not planning to do so. I use a Windows computer for that.
- There are 2 types of people in this world:

People who use Internet Explorer

And people who know how to change their browser 
- Bing because you get rewards just for searching if you have an account.
- Can you update the test , windows edge already come out
- ive been using opera since day 1 :)
- I use maxthon cloud browser and it works great except for a very long time it takes to open up
- i use windows explorer
- chrome
- I use Firefox 
- Netscape Navigator
- I'm using Diglo because it's a lot faster than chrome and it boot's up faster aswell ;)
- Chrome FTW!
- I use Internet Explorer everytime. I just lied. Google Chrome FTW!
- Firefox of course.
- I like Opera the best.
- Chrome all the way for me :)
- Flock is best browser... Jk chrome is :P
- myself, i'd say firefox and safari are top of the leader board