Transparent Phone: Hands-On with the Firefox Fx0

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Dyskusje o Transparent Phone: Hands-On with the Firefox Fx0

Transparent Phone: Hands-On with the Firefox Fx0 - 500061120
- Looks great.
- Not the first time a non-traditional phone manufacturer used its own OS and put 'Fire' in the name of their phone. This wont really go anywhere... at least for now.
- Look like a disambled one plus one
- I'd never buy this phone but I do however think its pretty cool :)
- Firefox OS looks buttery smooth!
- Will Firefox ever get sold in the USA, yawn... Jolla Sailfish is copying the same idea. Everyone is copying webOS now days.
- This phone is spooky
- Liking the idea like someone said in the comments put some flashing LED in the body that sync to your music and I'm sure teens would love that, reminds me of the sidekick days
- Michaels enthusiasm says it all. 
- SHUT UP geek wannabeeees! Make your own OS and let me know if you could do better. Mga gago!
- awesome OS!!!
- Transparent case NOT transparent phone!! Please correct the title it's confusing +Pocketnow 
- Transparent? I thought the early-mid 2000s were over
- fuck that phone case looks awesome
- They coppied Apple home buttons
- The x-ray phone
- This thing reminds me of the transparent tamagotchi.
- Looks awesome :D
Especially that hidden Firefox logo on the home button!
- Will Apple issue another law suit for the home button?