Tutorial #2 - Using a proxy with Firefox 3

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Dyskusje o Tutorial #2 - Using a proxy with Firefox 3

Tutorial #2 - Using a proxy with Firefox 3 - @CALYPTOSKATEBOARDS What do you mean?
- Why is 2 girls 1 cup in the related videos?
- Just be careful when you use proxies, because its possible for the person who runs the proxy to steal your password.
- ok man you smart man
- ok man you smart man
- why wont the add ons work?
- Did you even watch the video you stupid prick? God people these days are so fucking dumb
- how do you find free nad good anonymous proxies?
- There random, I forgot where I got them from but I know there not that good. I'm just trying to give sense on how to using all this. If you need better proxies you'll need to use google.
- I'm really confused, some of these proxies in that proxy list are from like Egypt, Finland, and a bunch of other different countries. Isn't that dangerous that your connecting to different countries???
- Good Tutorial dude. Thanks.
- you must enter a proxy label? what does this mean?
- i need the same for game :D
- holy shit dude i fucking love you so much.. I have looked forever trying to find something like this.. and you shined your light on me.. I fucking love you holy shit. In other words.. thanks so much
- A proxy is able to hide your IP from others to see. Thus making you anonymous to the internet and the people who are on it.
- tnx a lot man, what is the name of the song :D
- If your looking for other proxies. Just use google - Type in "Proxy List" or "Free proxies"
- i need the same for a game .... and i need a proxy program that makes the whole thing a proxy not just firefox
- oh FOUND IT !
- hey um you see we're on vacation on the Middle East and the Language is Arabic when I installed fire fox 3 and i can't seem to find where to change it to English.