Unofficial Google Translate Firefox Extension (see descrip)

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Dyskusje o Unofficial Google Translate Firefox Extension (see descrip)

Unofficial Google Translate Firefox Extension (see descrip) - sweet, thanks for all the info....
- dude you are so awesome. really enjoy ure vids and it has helped me out a lot.
- Dont Lie u ass whole.. the Description is Below the video i am watching :@
- Cool Dude
- you are doing a good job. i have seen your other video. it was very good. i am learning html. your video on html was very good. you are such a star helping us little folks out here with your knowledge. you are a great guy. thank you jimmyr. keep up the good work that you afre doing.
- Firefox users, enter this into your address bar it will benefit you greatly ;)
- @spaceboy537 Agreed! ^^
- @srbijanajbolja make sure it's version 1.2 i guess he needs to update it :(
- it dont work wit firefox 3.6.6 help
- what about english to hebrew and english to aribic and vise versa
- very helpfull extention > keep up the great work
- do you speak Spanish??? hey did you make your website with html???
- that is soo cool lol jimmy's got the hookups :)
- Oh really, even though you haven't had any comments since you posted that... Interesting. I'm going to go ahead and mark your comment as spam.
- Nice extension, it will come in handy. I have a small request though, on the translate from I have selected Auto Detect but there is nothing that says I have it selected. Maybe you could add a X or something between Auto detect, so I see that I have it selected. Translate to should have the same thing... But once again, a very nice addition to the browser.
- sarcasm... love it...
- hey,thanks!
- This tool works awesome! I love your video tutorials. How do you support your tutorial making habit?
- I'm learning to be a linguist! This add on is AWESOME!!!
- nice spanish man :D