Warning: Firefox 5 Tracker

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Dyskusje o Warning: Firefox 5 Tracker

Warning: Firefox 5 Tracker - ...just got home and firefox updated to 5.0... I remebered I'd watched this video, so here I am again. How do I turn off this tracking crap? (not like it matters, I'm sure)
- @RogeeBeba umm IP address ...sheesh me
- you can use Tor to hide your id address ... =) torproject. org
- @jrae50021 Well, that makes two of us so far, now for the other 7 billion ;-)
- @mikenagoya cash and basics....hey that's me. My phone is just a phone but I'm addicted to my computer cuz of my photography and graphics passion.
- @jrae50021 Well, yes. I couldn't agree with you more, we need to be very careful with all this google tracking stuff going on. If you take a little look at the latest cellphones you'll probably find it hard to avoid all the extras they wish on us, like GPS, motion sensing etc. I can see a time in the near future when there'll be a group of aware people that opt out of the latest tech stuff and try to live as basic as possible, they may even use real cash ;-)
- @mikenagoya I'm sure I'm just paranoid with all the google privacy issues.
- There will probably be an addon that'll give you all the privacy and control you wish for. To say 'firefox I wouldn't use it' seems a little strange as you are giving no other alternatives that satisfy your security requirements. Thanks for the info. but I for one will continue to use firefox with all its features and addons that it provides and the competition can only dream about ;-)