What's the Best Browser for Android and iPhone?

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Dyskusje o What's the Best Browser for Android and iPhone?

What's the Best Browser for Android and iPhone? - I have a galaxy s3 and i use thee normal 'internet browser' that comes with the phone ! he is very fast
- Chrome is available for iPhone 
- if i don't get a good html5 on a browser the browser is shit sorry
- Goo
- Why don't you actually talk about good browser's like dolphin browser, not these "buying the brand" ones
- Everyone knows Netscape is the best 
- Can you redo this video as iOS8 really makes the entire iphone half completely outdated.
- I need dat t shirt +Austin Evans 
- Can you give me a really dark browser where everything is really dark even the words 
- I use opera on my android tablet and safri and opera on my ipad
- .u forgot dolphin 
- Man, this guys voice is kinda annoying, great video though.
- Very good!
- I use opera on both my phone and on pc because chromium doesn't work for some reason (Manjaro linux) on my pc and chrome crasches all the time on my rooted sg s3
- I use my android 4.2.2 own browse 
- What about CM Browser?
- i use boat browser whuch is one of the best browsers that i have used
- Opera coast is stylish browser, but it can be even better
- My friend has a lenovo yoga 8 and when we were playing he accidentaly BROKE the tablet.