What's the Best Browser for Windows and Mac?

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What's the Best Browser for Windows and Mac? - Safari, on a mac.
- I used Opera
- What about privacy and content sync? Chrome associates your Google Account and everything is stored there, even when I'm deleting the browser history there is something left behind.
What would you advice to me?
- pc with core i3 and mac with core i7. lets see which one is faster. Austin, you are trolling and you know it.
- Chrome is good, but isn't there also a terrible side effect to it as well? Is it more likely to kill the Laptop's battery faster than other browsers?I was reading: http://www.forbes.com/fdc/welcome_mjx.shtml
- I like IE on my tablet.
- the only time i used IE was to install chrome
- I use chrome normally, but the battlelog plugin doesnt work on it. I use firefox solely for battlelog lol

- I use Polarity Browser for older and lower end machines on Windows since it uses less RAM than any other browser I've tried.
- Chrome
- i use Google Opera even if it was so slow i wan't it Because Google Chrome Has So Many Mother Fucking Ads Everywhere And Anywhere i Search it Keep Opening Some Stupid Ads And Tell Me To Download it But Opera And Firefox Doesn't
- Im using firefox on my windows 8.1 but might use opera
- i use firefox and safari with google
- Chrome - Because I am getting the chromebook and I love it
- Screw them!
- chrome sucks
- opera is norwegian
- song name plz and torch browser is better
- Chrome runs great for me considering im on a chromebook.
- So basically Google is better for windows?