What's up with Firefox web browser?

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What's up with Firefox web browser? - Chrome and Chromium are better than Firefox as far as watching Flash in Linux is concerned. Firefox in Linux is only good for downloading.
- not the only one
- Unfortunately Firefox is not the fastest browser nowadays. Chrome works better at the moment for me.
- THey're including it in ubuntu 13.10 instead of firefox.
- Tos I haven't noticed a problem..it's just Chromium is faster...I've moved to Chromium after a news article on a dangerous virus that can download just about anything from Firefox..But I think it's for older versions though they didn't say which...I thought well if someone is hacking who's to say they wont hack further...
- I noticed last month or so that Firefox was acting up on my windows machine, but it still preforms very well for me. I used Chrome a few years ago, and while I did like how fast it was there was something about it I didn't like for some reason. On my tablet I've noticed that Firefox is getting slower, so I might switch back to Chrome on it.
- Firefox 23 on Arch Linux. 1 problem, slight Memory Leak. After days of leaving FF open it will be using around a GB of memory, which would lag my dual core 4GB system, and the only remedy is restarting. However it is much much better now than it was about 6months-1year ago when it was truly buggy and slow, lots of optimization has been going on over at Mozilla recently to solve those issues.
- I am currently on mint. Version 14, I think. But I cannot recall whether that happened on my current OS or not. Previous OS was...thinks...thinks & thinks again. Oh my brain hurts (its already gone beer o'clock). Possibly another earlier mint. cheers
- Agreed-----in windows try Maxthon browser
- Since programmers in all browser development teams seem to be running amok trying to just launch a new version, regardless of what is does and whether it is actually an update or not... you are right; the main reason why I am still using firefox, is because of it's user-friendly, intuitive interface; and the status4 evar addon; if chrome had an interface like firefox, in the preferences area, and a permanent status bar, as firefox does with the status4evar addon, I'd switch to chrome, 4 speed :)
- I prefer Chrome due to the flash support issues in Firefox but I keep Firefox as a backup browser. To be fair though, installing java support in Chrome is a headache. I've never used Opera so I can't comment on it's performance.
- I've noticed is a lot more web caching to the HDD than there used to be. But that's probably more about the content viewed than the browser. Chrome always crashes on me. Firefox (iceweasel in debian) is the same old same old for me. My ISP sucks a little more everyday but firefox works well. Java 7 update 25. And adobe flash 11.2, but I've mod'd the lib to say it's 11.8. Some sites now check for a windows version of flash and denies access if you run 11.2 / linux.
- Chrome
- I've been using firefox for years, and had trouble with ad-ons mainly. I don't think they deserve trust they've been given. firefox should mention this. I've had trouble with html5 on youtube too, which is beyond buggy, but ok otherwise, no slowdown. Windows seems to be the source of some startup slowdown. I want to have the option to switch though, but there's not enough info on security and privacy and expandability that I've seen.
- yes it feels like slow and not working like it should been using crome as sub
- Used to use Opera before the engine switch, now using Firefox.
- no offences but i found linux audio is rubish compared to windows do you fined the same Elementary OS is a bit louder but nothing not the best
- Evening Total ive got version 23 running on Mint and Windows 7 and is running like a dream no crashes nice and quick, only problem I had was with Google + could not get on due to report Browser not supported but that was only on googles page as rest of the sites i use ran perfectly thanks
- SRWare Iron browser based on Chromium
- i use maxthon cloud