Why Firefox 3 is Awesome and howto make it better

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Dyskusje o Why Firefox 3 is Awesome and howto make it better

Why Firefox 3 is Awesome and howto make it better - I used Firefox 3 it sucks balls and Firefox 2 and 4 as well.
- The new FF is terrible.

You cannot get this set up anymore.....Stupid Chrome clone!
- wow, dude.
- in the new firefox 23 they have disabled the thing to turn off javascript. This means that it is shit, completely useless for anyone who knows shit. we need a new browser
- Chrome and IE suck. Firefox has always worked for me and will stay that way for years to come. Very fast and does not slow my PC at all.
- i did that once i now keep installers for both firefox and chrome on several thumb drives
- It's pretty amazing seeing how all these features are more than commonplace nowadays.
- LOL firefix 3 5 years later and its up to 21 now
- Firefox 3? wow really old. Firefox is now at Firefox 20
- Even then that comment was horribly bad.
- oh right this was ages ago :P LOLS
- lols... use google chrome. its better -_- u can do all that shizz
- man,it's allways the same...so you are developping web applications, you know that it all will work fine, on ie, on chrome, on google etc, but however wtf on firefox it never does correctly.firefox is on the standard of my grandparents, as we once had black/white tv. the times are changing,so must firefox anytimes
- and now in 2012 firefox 18 is about to come out.....
- Have Firefox 17.0.1 what can you tell me abt this? Thank you much.
- Meanwhile, in 2012........
- nah... firefox is still THE BEST and Fastest web browser!!
- Well yeah, Chrome is faster but in all fairness Firefox updated versions are so notably good and that's something to recognize either way.