Why Tabs are on Top in Firefox 4

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Dyskusje o Why Tabs are on Top in Firefox 4

Why Tabs are on Top in Firefox 4 - yeah,yeah,yeah..just offer the user(that's me) a default for your o pinion(s) of your changes..FYI there are individuals who NEED the platform the same because of issues!?(brain disruptions etc...
- Quite frankly and what ever you say Alex, it still sucks. It's been a pain in the ass to  re-layout the crappy look and function. I'm still trying to make it the way "I" like it, not what you "force" me to have. It's kind of like facebook shoving stuff up your ass that you don't want. You will not convince me that the look and feel is an improvement. You can keep it. I want to keep mine. Stop Effing around. You can keep you gotta-have-the-latest-and-greatest boy toys. Don't think for me unless its security related. You don't need to keep changing just to validate your companies existence. Mozilla/Firefox has been good until 29.
- Blah blah blah like I care. I hate this. how to change back?
- So now I can't move tabs to the bottom at all. Fucking wonderful.

Tabs on top is inefficient and ugly and was a bad idea in the first place.
A tab is a local window; it's an instance of the browser as a whole. It's like a page in a book.

The controls up top, the address bar and buttons - those are the "index". They are not linked to the individual tab, but control it from a higher level.

Putting tabs on top is a bad idea and you should feel bad about it.
- actually I have everything on top since like forever, there's no reason not to have everything in just 1 bar when you have a 1920p screen right? one question, does firefox 29 have suggestions integrated on the url bar when using keywords? and why is the address bar so big?
- What happened with tabs on top just being "default" in FF29?
You should really ask Microsoft about their expirience with changing users habbits and how it backfired on them when they dumped start menu.
Also mouse distance is much more important if you have bookmarks toolbar and some other like web developer there between page and its tab. Usability just getting worse almost every release since FF4
- I prefer the tabs on the bottom of the entire browser.  Do not like the new interface at all.
- I miss the layout on firefox 3, I hate the new download manager in Firefox.
- There's an important lesson each and every programmer has to learn: they have the power to create the most user - UNfriendly program. And the user has the power to NOT use that program.
- Continued... The location bar is used a little bit more, so just under the menu bar is ok. Then you have your tabs, things that you have opened, so that means you are working with them. They have to be as close to your workspace as possible. I can understand that these geeks who changed the order want to prove that they can adapt swiftly to new ideas. That's ok, just add an option button somewhere so that users can put the Tabs where they belong.
- Omg, these guys all have dumb sounding voices...And their explanations are what you can expect from people with such voices. Duckster had it right: keep the different sites of interest as close together as possible. The location bar is the least important: you select your url and then you continue working in the lower part of the screen. The menu bar at the top is a good example of something you rarely use: it's at the top and out of the way.
- When you're working in your browser, the primary focus is directly in front of you on the lower sections of the screen. The next area of importance, where you'll be doing most of your work, is the tab bar, as you switch between sites of interest. After that, the next area of importance is the location bar. As basic design teaches us, you don't design something so that your area of concentration has to make its maximum change distance for the most common functions. i.e. Tabs on top are dumb.
- How do I put tabs back on bottom like they used to be? 1. In the Location bar, type about:config and press Return. 2. The about:config "This might void your warranty!" warning page may appear. Click I'll be careful, I promise!, to continue to the about:config page. 3. In the Search field box at the top, type browser.tabs.onTop. 4. Double-click the browser.tabs.onTop preference to set its value to false.
- i can NOT uncheck tabs on top, it isnt there anymore. annoying as hell
- Isn't it interesting that the Fx 'UX' (User Experience) team doesn’t care about the user. Nearly all the commenters here rage against being forced to put the tabs on top. (and the choice is removed, in recent Fx). And on many blogs, people rage against Firefox. I used to be a fan; not now. Firefox forgot to listen to its users, and forgot to respect choice.
- So... I just restarted my Firefox & my tabs were re-set to the top & I can't find the option to un-check to put tabs on bottom. Can anyone help me out?
- Also, you would have to be a fucking dumb ass if you think the back and forward buttons cycle the tabs.
- I like tabs on bottom.
- I dont like you guys pushing your ideas on me...I prefer the other way - if people make mistake by closing tabs accidentally then they should not be allowed to used computers.
- I hate the new design period.