Windows 8.1 Browser speed IE11 VS Chrome VS Firefox

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Dyskusje o Windows 8.1 Browser speed IE11 VS Chrome VS Firefox

Windows 8.1 Browser speed IE11 VS Chrome VS Firefox - You should try doing the test using the Metro UI of IE11 it's a lot faster than desktop version
- security ie more than 90% better than the competition thanks to Security and Privacy
For example, Internet Explorer 11 is equipped with security measures called Tracking Protection. Only Internet Explorer goes so far as to completely block the trackers communicate with the browser. What's more, according to the 2013 NSS study and blocking Internet Explorer hitchhiker more than 90% of potentially dangerous sites.
- IE11 is going to be the better browser regardless of your test's. IE11 has been fully optimized for windows 8, windows 8.1. I load IE11 in about 1.3 seconds on my PC. The question is why would Microsoft release a updated IE platform with their windows 8.1 update, not optimize it to its full potential. So for all of you who are viewing this page choose freely as you do have the right to do so but IE11 is the superior browser as it has been fully optimized for your windows 8.1 update. While others have not ex: Chrome Firefox, Opera, Spark browser...etc.
- Octane test is unfair - it's made by Google to show Chrome as the best browser.
IE passes many other test better than chrome, eg. sun spider test, and have 100/100 in Acid3. 99% of HTML5 pages are working correctly in IE11.
 Ablock also works on IE. That's enough, however, IE needs store with addons and faster WebGL support.
- Im still trying to find out what is the best browser but all these opinions change my mind.
- IE 11 may have been faster but it is not as stable as Google chrome or Firefox and Google chrome and Firefox has extensions to make your browsing experiants better. And if you r a web developer then Firefox is the best browser. And last thing Firefox and chrome can sync your open tabs to your phone or tablet.
- Very interesting break down
- I made a shutdown and restart as shortcuts on start screen same as yours!
- Kudos for Microsoft on IE11.
- IE is going to be the best browser because it is optimized for windows 8.1.  The others are now adds on.. the older IE was defeated by Firefox and Chrome but the new IE for windows 8 and 8.1 as of right now its the best browser.
- IE11 won this one
- IE 11 is amazing