Worlds #1 Web Browser for Windows XP - FIREFOX

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Worlds #1 Web Browser for Windows XP - FIREFOX - firefox won't download ??? help :(
- where can i get that wallpaper?
- Hi thanks for posting and thanks for sub.
- I do believe I was / am a Subscriber to your youtube Linux Chanel , as I remember your Voice & have tried just about every version of Linux I could get as I have 900 computers , Firefox is my Browser of Choice , I dislike IE , I use XP Pro via VLK on most of my PC's & Win 7 came on my Lappy , I find that Chrome works better with facebook - but it is a resource Hog :) QC
- I used firefox a long time, and still think its a good browser. However i now use opera. It has all the things firefox has. the only thing is that u cant acces that mutch options like in firefox "about:config". but i dont need those anyway. and i feel like opera with add-ons is faster than firefox with a add-ons.
- Hi and welcome to me tube thanks for posting :)
- Hi and welcome to me tube thanks for posting :) yup Windows XP still has a lot of mileage in it.
- Hi and welcome to me tube thanks for posting :)
- Hi and welcome to me tube thanks for posting :)
- New versions of Firefox are much lighter than Chrome (One of the reason is flash which is dead already and even Adobe dropped flash) :) In these days Chrome takes much more RAM that Firefox. I test five different browsers everyday.
- As a Web Developer I completely agree with this one ;) Firefox is the best browser available for any users (especially for developers). I recommend all users to always update their browser to the latest version. There is new Web standarts like CSS 3 and HTML5 where Internet Explorer including 9 and even 10 (on XP you can have 8 only) is NOT compatible with the new Web Standards! Don't even bother using IE and this will show to Microsoft that they need to follow new standards.
- My friend wanted to buy a new laptop because his Fujitsu ESPRIMO Mobile V5535 was so slow. It was impossible to do anything on it. The only trouble is: he hasn't got the money. I said I'd look at his laptop. It was so bad I couldn't tell if it had a virus or not! It acted like it was possessed. It had Vista on it (the laptop only has 1gig of shared memory). I put XP on it & now it runs really well considering its age. He's over the moon :) I told him to use Chrome because Firefox can hog RAM.
- I agree with you for speed Mozilla Firefox is the way to Go - I also like Chrome for Facebook :) QC