10 Firefox Extensions You Should Install Right Now!

These are 10 useful Firefox extensions that enhance your web browser. A couple months back we did a video about useful extensions for the Chrome browser. Now it’s time to give some love to Firefox. In this video, I will show you 10 of our favorite extensions for the Firefox web browser that help to make you more productive and improve your overall web browsing experience. Subscribe! ▶ https://www.youtube.com/techgumbo Share This Video ▶ h ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- What extensions for Firefox do you use? FUN FACT: Firefox has supported browser extensions for a longer period than Google Chrome. Firefox since 2004, Chrome since 2010. The first major browser to support extensions was "Internet Explorer" way back in 1999... Thanks for watching ;)
A może i takie? dentysta lublin , mam nadzieje że się podobało? - I got so many good addons from this video that I now use daily. Thank you!
- Hey i was trying to download them, but i cant because it says "download failed, please check your connection" i was confused because my internet has no problem
- hello do you know why when I install an extension on Firefox I no longer see it appear next to the menu with the 3 small parallel bars?
I have 3 extensions that are pinned next to the three little sidebars but the fourth that I would like to install after a month of not using Firefox does not want to appear although installed
- 👍A very informative post. Thanks a bunch.
- As an alternative to Wikiwand I recommend the Mobile Wikipedia (WebExtension) addon... It redirects wikipedia pages to the mobile version, which I find looks much sleeker and more modern and work great on desktop. Its also more leightweight and comparable in style to Wikiwand.
- Featured extensions for Android i put in the following and the are not on there..

Duckduckgo just comes up with HTTPS Everywhere

Facebook container comes up with just comes up with Ad Guard AdBlocker
- What a fantastic video! I haven't looked if you've made an updated or new list yet but I'm hooked on your vids dude! I've had most of these for some time but there's some here, as your image search, that is just better than the one I've been using!

I have a question that I'm not sure you have the answer to but I feel like I have perhaps some unnecessary redundancy in things like privacy or tracking protect plus VPN, etc. I'm just an average, but quite a curious searcher lol. SO! I have uBlock Origin, DDG Privacy Essentials, Privacy Badger, strict pop-up blocker, and on and on. I'm thinking of starting with a clean new install and adding things back one at a time. What do you think about this?>

Anyone else commenting would be great too!
- need vpn extension
- yandex's image sear ch is much better...i have tested it kinda
- Xd in french Tg= shade up
- Thanks for this Great information!!! Used for my desktop!
- With many children attending school virtually, I’d be interested in a video reviewing parental control apps and extensions.
- All Hail Engagement. You Should Have Done 'HTTPS Everywhere', It's An Easy Way To Upgrade To HTTPS Websites.
- do firefox have extensions for virtual background on webcams?
- My personal top 10 for 2020:
1. uMatix (Script-Blocker; best for privacy-control)
2. uBlock (Ad-Blocker)
3. VideoDownloadHelper (also supports HSL)
4. FlagFox (shows in which country the server you're connecting to stands)
5. Feedbro (providing RSS-Feeds)
6. HTTPS everywhere (forces Firefox tu use encription if possible)
7. Notes by Firefox (Making Notes in your Browser & sync to Phone)
8. Popupblocker Ultimate (Blocks annoying Popups)
9. Turn off the Lights / Any nightmode Application
10. Facebook Container
- Grease Monkeyyy
- Can someone help please. On firefox homescreen i have about 10 top sites setup. But sometimes when firefox updates etc the entire top sites on my FFox homepage are lost. How to save the topsites layout etc to restore exact as i had it ? Like for example bookmarks i can save to .json file and restore, like that anything for home page topsites layout ?
- nice
- Hey, thanks for this amazing video! I am feeling very sorry for everyone that have to use Google Chrome instead of being cool and don't have to worry about anything with Mozilla Firefox :'(