Chrome Vs Firefox Vs Edge Vs Brave | Speed Test | Ram Usage | 2021 Edition

In 2021 edition of speed test, I will be comparing Chrome Vs Firefox Vs Edge Vs Brave. Which is the best browser of 2021 ? Follow Me On - Instagram - @vibin_marish Twitter - @vibin_marish Blog - ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- All these browsers are very CPU intensive compared to Opera. See for yourself in your next test.
- i use brave
- I use microsoft edge and it still so good
- Brave is free money
- I honestly think this guys computer can't handle having 4 browsers open at the same time lol
- I vote chrome its super underrated guys I dont know how no one knows about it
- So what is the conclusion ?
- Brave
- brave
- Been using Brave since 3 years, I've used over tens of browsers and I've never been satisfied with any as much as I've been with brave
- you should have put Opera GX
- What about Vivaldi and Opera in comparison to Brave and chrome?
- I have almost like all of these browsers and I think for me Firefox and brave but most Firefox because for me just I like it mosy
- I use Firefox liek almost a year best browser even I used
- So a lot of people tell me Firefox uses less ram than chrome, but, chrome is using less in this video? Can someone please explain to me what's going on?
- Fire fox
- You know that opening all 4 browsers at the same time, doesn't give you the true result's right?
- Brave sucks downloaded it and m pc got so slow when i deleted it my pc was fine
- lol load test was biased🤣🤣🤣
dude do you know about dns??
- Firefox