Day in the life | Hala

Hey, welcome back to a new vlog! And thank you for watching :) ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- First few seconds of your videos are vibe🔥🔥
- Asalamualikum , another amazing vlog Its seems like you have worked on voice, you seemed loud which is cool , and I have a cafe with name of "Chai wala" in my uni haha , may I share your channel around like whatsapp etc , funfact me myself haven't subscribed it yet but I guess I will do now .Have a good one , more power to you stay blessed
- this is so comforting to watch
- That one dislike was blinded by your beauty so he misclicked
- From Iraq
I'm love you so much 💓
- we luv u<3
- arbk blezzz 😣😣
- Finally new vlog✨😍
- i like your style , good luck 👍
- هلبااا النظارات 😂😂

You are creative, keep going

- How could anyone dislike this 😭
- I love u so much just reply
- 😂🔥🔥
- How can I express my feelings for you.. I'm so in love with you. 🥰🥰🥰😭😭 I wanna marry you. I will come to UK for you. Inshallah 😌😌😌😌
- I love your vlogsss💕💕💕💕
- Ahhhhh I really adore your vlogs keep going love 💗🥺😭
- heyy love the vlogs!! 💕💕
- sooo good🤩 🇦🇫 l love style you 🥑🐢🌵
- When is the q&a coming up?