Firefox (1982) Firefox engages the Missile Cruiser Riga

"Target does not appear to be taking avoiding action, Captain!" ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- "Boy, is this a machine." I say this when I overtake a tractor in my ford fiesta.
- Would going that fast that low produce that effect on the water?
- Epic, epic epic!
- The spying part of this film has a eeriness and danger feeling you don't get from modern action films like Pierce Brosnan James bond.
- This is over due for a remake I can see Hugh Jackman takes on the role of Clint's character.
- I'll never forget this movie ...Me and my father went to see this at the movie theater when it first came out....My father was a fan of Clint Eastwood. R.I.P. DAD......🤠🙏
- That is a BAD ASS plane 🛩
- Cobra Night Raven !
- Great film. Love the special effects. I wished the editors added in some sonic booms.
- I want mach 6 bomber fighter jet now! Nuclear capable 125,000 ft altitude
- There are some ridiculously unrealistic air warfare movies (one called Top Something or another comes to mind). But as badly as these films present physics, dogfighting tactics, and everything else, there are some scenes in then that are redeemable just on the fun factor alone.

In Firefox, this is the one that gets me hype. Every time.
- The 80s had the coolest vehicles, Kitt, Blue Thunder, Airwolf, and of course the Firefox
- Who here feels like watching the full movie after watching this scene? I got it downloading on iTunes now. I may not have been born in the '80s but I can see how interesting the effects are. I'm going to watch it very soon.
- read firefox good guys
- I remember the laserdisc arcade game that was released after this came out anyone else?
- So what was the rear defense system that burns up the sky supposed to be?
- Effects by John (original Star Wars) Dykstra.
- !(:Aww:)!
- Blowing up red navy helicopters and stealing a plane , nah wouldn’t be a nuclear war after. Yeah we would get the plane but we would all glow in the dark
- LOL, cant make evasive maneuvers due to low on fuel, but decides to engage afterburners.