Firefox (1982) Setting a Trap for the MiG-31

"You will not, of course, make it to wherever you are going. Goodbye, Mr. Gant!" ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- Cocaine is a helluva drug 2:45
- eastwood is like goebbels but worse
- let's destroy an unarmed recon plane to save your own butt. nice.
- Where is the full movie you promised???? clickbait!
- The name of the film is FOXFIRE! Firefox is a web browser!
- 👽🏆⚜️🏰🌍🔥🎆♟️🤖🛰️🌀🎗️🎖️🌋🔥🌍👽🏆🏰🛰️🤖
- Саная клюква не те каналы называют пропогандонами
- Was looking for a mfs 2020 mod of the mig 31 foxhound, but only this stuff comes up...
- Americans marvel in this kind of propaganda.
- So, he’s supposed to be Russian???
- Love how in films, one second equals four in real life.
- LIZA!!!
- Interesting what a mixed bag the effects are, even in this short excerpt.

The motion tracking on the missiles is probably the worst sin - those shots look awful - but that brief view of the aircraft at 3:32 looks just fine.
- Nice dream USA
- Did he just detect a signal from heat seekers? :))
- Cool movie👍🇳🇿
- And you still drive like a little old lady...
- Isn t a mig31 a plane withe two crew members?
- %$
- Nowhere near enough green paint in that cockpit for it to be a Russian fighter jet!