Firefox Has Lost Another 50 Million Users

As time goes on nothing changes with Mozilla, Firefox continues to slowly die and at this point I really don't know what can actually be done to address. I would not be surprised if come 5 years from new Mozilla barely remains to exist. ==========Support The Channel========== ► $100 Linode Credit: ► Patreon: ► Paypal: ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- Time for another pay rise for the CEO I guess
A zaglądaliście tu? - Reprezentant we Francji Leszno ja bym się z tym zgodził. - I was a nearly fanatical user of Firefox for nearly a decade. Then Mozilla started changing Firefox to be more and more like Chrome (which I hate even ignoring it is owned by Google) and became woke.

So I went Waterfox.
- YIKES!!!!! My experience with Brave is that it is basically a proto-NFT generator, with the proceeds not going to "somewhere". I also don't understand the default "allow some intrusive ads" and the inclusion of a persistent non-mutable built-in adblocker that is highly inferior to UBlock Origin. Just a thought.
- Switched to Chrome after Firefox started to crash my whole PC.
- Firefox will always have a waaaay superior about:config
- They lost me with this now proton UI design catastrophe...
- I preffer the privacy and firefox is fun. w3m is great for my productivity, mos def using that if firefox dies.
- What we need is a less bloated protocol that's actually maintainable by average Joes and smaller companies. Building a fully functional browser is a gargantuan task, and it's ridiculous how it's basically matched the difficulty of writing an OS. And it's all because of bloated, unnecessary features, and spyware. It's time for change.
- It really boils down to Firefox being a rather garbage browser that fails or is sub par compared to almost every browser available now. It's even a question in my mind if Edge is worse than Firefox.

As for the "no one cares about politics of web browsers" dodge, I think folks give a shit when the company in question directly comes out and says they think the opinions of about half the US are dangerous and need to be kept off the internet in an era of ever increasing polarization. Combine this with it's supposed privacy benefits being called into question by folks far more paranoid about these things, and I think it becomes very obvious why Firefox has been taking a beating. Something I am going to be laughing about forever, seeing as how their "pROBlEmaTIC" Ex-CEO goes and proceeds with building a browser that just beats the crap outta Firefox and eats it's lunch.
- because firefox not have google extension :)

Sorry Firefox :(
- Firefox turned into complete garbage with the new interface. The want to force it on users and don't give a crap. I don't give a crap about them, will use something else.
- Firefox predates Chrome by several years. From what I recall, Chrome gained popularity because Firefox had become very slow and unresponsive, and won despite having a plug-in ecosystem significantly smaller than Firefox's. Subsequent updates improved Firefox's performance and brought it back to being competitive again, but by then they had already lost the sceptre.

As of now, I'm using Firefox, but I switched back and forth between them - and Brave - several times, so that can change in any moment.
- I visited China a few years ago. Anything Google was unreachable most of the time (I had only intermittent access to gmail, for example). I wonder if that's a factor, steering people away from Chrome.
- I'm watching this with Firefox. When it dies. I'll try out 3-4 browsers when that happens and decide what I start using next. Brave is good, but I also like Pale Moon and even Opera. We'll see what will happen with Firefox. Until then, I'll keep using Firefox.
- Firefox is complete piece of useless shit.
- The Mozilla were always the cheapshot to attack MS under the banner "the standard" so Google can take the browser market.

Once chrome have taken the majority market, the Firefox and Mozilla have outlived their usefulness.

You will only see Mozilla come back if there's any browsers that threaten Google's dominance and suddenly standard became important and all the Astroturfing coming out of the woodwork.

Mozilla's CEO is bad because that's exactly their job: To keep firefox from becoming competitive so it won't threaten google, but alive enough so they can be revived and kill anyone possible opposition.
- I stopped using Firefox, because it's too slow and buggy.
- I think that it's bc China doesn't want google spying on them, instead they use Firefox with Baidu search engine. China is also dumping Windows, since it's a great security risk and it's also leaks user information, and their money goes to a foreign company Microsoft (Chinese people can be very stingy sometimes). They want to centralize their info to the govt for national security and political reasons.
- Switched to Brave browser when FF said that they wanted to go beyond censoring and deplatforming. Also really liking Brave Search as well.
- chrome as a whole with all its features is completely against the freedom of the user