Firefox? [Jschlatt]

schlatts youtooz just dropped so heres a clip from his newest video to celebrate :) tags n stuff: jschlatt, schlatt, minecraft, youtooz, jschlatt, schlatt subscribe (Whips and nae naes menacingly) ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- Sheeeeesh this video got much more attention than I thought. Thanks for stopping by :)

edit: ok oh my god where are you all coming from???
- What the fox happenned
- the fox consumed the world
- Plot twist: The fox was getting younger each time until Fox was just gone and never to be born.
- "Schlatt" just reached out about firefox.
- 4th is best in my opinion
- You could've censored his F-bomb with a Vulpix/Fennekin sound!
- i wonder what the bg melody is
- I agre
- I agreeeee
- The process of finding out I was Bi but it’s a JSchlatt clip
- great meme
- this is the second time (to my knowledge) that people used a widely known tiktok sound and NOT know it came from jschlatt
- schlatt:FIREFOX! Firefox. Firefox.. Firefox? Firefox??? What the fuck happened?
- It’s funny bc so many people use this audio on tiktok, and don’t even know who he is lol 💀💀
- I like the "firefox..." one
- FireFucks
- The fox just slowly disappeared 😭😭😭
- It’s not even a fox anymore bruhhhhhh
- Went from firefox to just fire