Firefox - Theatrical Trailer

An ex-flyer who is a distress victim from Vietnam experience is ordered back into military duty to head a secret mission. His assignment is to sneak into Russia and steal a Soviet warplane which is far more advanced than any other air machine being used by the NATO alliance. ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- I saw it in the movie theater when I was 14 years old, with my father of course.
- I want this Firefox browser to be controlled by my thoughts. lol
- Music pls
- As it was during the Cold War period,the film was directed.
Many things are stolen by the U.S. Government to rise their technology and they know that Russians are very strong by building strong machines.
Americans always want ot show themselves as heroes but.....
- This needs to be remade but in a galaxy far, far away
- If they added the "you must THINK in RUSSIAN!" line to this trailer then you wouldn't even need to watch the movie.
- I remember watching Firefox in the theater as a kid back in the day. Today, I ordered the DVD and Blu-ray releases of this under appreciated early 80s film.
- I Wish I Could See Firefox FX in CGI.
- name of music
- This StinkMissile bomb-o was 3 hours too long.
- Star wars remake with similar plot line but part of the Star Wars series? Or part of an episode of new 'The Last Starfighter' series?
- love this movie
- The Actual MiG-31 Foxhounds be like: wait that’s illegal
- very nice movie
- Not sure if they should do a reboot they might recast Clint as a gay person who doesnt know what gender they are. You know the rest
- haha browser firefox
- One of the best under rated movie's. Wish they do a reboot.
- I thought there was a Fox
- Didn’t know they made a movie about a web browser