HALA Trailer (2019) Drama Movie

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- I saw the movie and I didn't see anything wrong with it ..
Spoiler alert...

the girl likes a boy then she broke up with him ( she didn't know what she wants she is just a teen)!!! , her father is a cheater and have illegal kid with his lover , Hala throughout the movie was dealing with her father emotional abuse to her mother , her father always call her mom dumb because she is not educated ...
Why everyone didn't notice such struggle and cling with the Idea of hijab
Moim zdaniem take, browar restauracyjny lublin polecam - może i więcej, ale czy ok? - like what the hell
- Bruh I am a hijabi skater and thats not reality. i Literallyy like sometimes i wake up early just to go to the skatepark when there is no boys there, like first I'm a beginner, second I'm a girl, third I'm a HIJABI and the country I live in is literally one of the most rasist countries so. when I go there early I get to hear the sounds of my skateboard so good and breathe fresh air and have fun and just live my life. I might start going to the skatepark normally when I have more supportive friends that understand m and my religion and I would NEVER take my hijab off like who in the hell made this movie. I'm so mad right now I don't like the fact that you made a series ig out of nothing real and youdont even know what is the meaning of hijab. btw its not " to get attention from the boys its to not get sexualized by boys " like do your research first then make a realistic movie or get a hijabi skater in real life tell you what its like to skate with hijab.
- Astughfurallah! This movie is nasty. Like I hate these movies that are about muslim women being saved by non-muslim men because there religion is "opressing" them. Literally, that is sooo not true. The creater of this movie can go fuck thereself.
- Many butt-hurt indoctrinated trying to defend their cult 🤣
- So many comments about how this film is all about showing her as "weak and opressed" and how she shouldn't need to "be saved by a white boy"...and that's just not the vibe that I got at all. I think it's perfectly normal to question your identity when you are a teenager, and if religion has been part of your upbringing then it would be perfectly normal to also question that part of your identity at some point. It doesn't mean she is oppressed if she chooses to remain religious, but she is also not an inheritently awful person if she chooses to not be religious.
- The worst thing is the writer and director is a muslim from Pakistan (where the parents and the main lead are from in the movie and where i am from as well) and being a muslim she herself is now aware of the Islam. I bet she herself is not a muslim but a secular and it just makes me sad that how these wrong people have authority to portray religion globally. Really hurt and disappointed. They always forget who they really are after they get abroad enjoying the so called "liberated culture" there and forgetting themselves.
- Hijab isn't oppression, i wear the hijab and i love it!
- wthh did I just watch, understand Muslims before you write bullshit
- This movie felt haram watching bro wth was this
- That was great movie. Hope lots of Muslim especially ladies watch this film and realize they should be what they want to b.
- I hate you very much
- I’m convinced they hear all the backlash towards those other movies where “the Muslim girl throws her hijab off for a WHITE boy” and then make movies like this to stir controversy, which in turn gives them lots of views…..MONEY
- Is this film about an ex Muslim ? Then it make sense I guess
But if Hala is a practicing Muslimah then this film is kinda wack because to a devout Muslim wearing hijab or obeying the tenets of their deen ain't a burden but a joyful duty.
But if the direction is an ex Muslim trying to depict her life experience through this film I hope she doesn't get too much hate.
- Sorry but a lot of girls don't have the choice,not because of the religion it self , it's because of society , this movie is talk about a lot of girls who don't have the choice
Maybe it's not a positive image about islam but it's real
I am an arab girl I don't have the choice to wear what I like
Not all of the girls are forced yep it's true but it's not the choice of all the girls at the same time
(Sorry for my bad English)
- Fuck this film.fuck the director.fuck the person who actually enjoyed watching this!!!!!
- What the hell. Is this a joke?
- why does every movie/tv show with a hijabi in it always end up with the girl taking her hijab of for a boy or she removes her hijab bc she is forced to wear the hijab its literally not like that at all how about if we want to write a movie/tv show about a hijabi we get a muslim director who actually knows the meaning of islam and the meaning of the hijab
- ok you have a choice you wear the hijab if you don't it ok but if you do that ok to second why is she kissing a boy when she isn't married like wow 10 of 10 representation not all of us Muslim women have controlling parents as a young woman im allowed to show my elbows lmao I only wear the hijab when im praying and cover myself up up then idiots