I'm leaving Firefox, and this is the browser I picked...

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- Wanna get your own Linux server? Visit https://www.linode.com/linuxexperiment for a 100$ credit !
- Great video, man! Can I ask you what is your DE and theme? It looks fantastic.
- Y U No LibreWolf?
- What browser should I use instead of chrome, firefox, opera, edge and to be outside of chrome universe?
- Hi,I have a question:
Do you use a hard drive for your linux pc and if so,which one do you use?
- I have used Firefox for 23 years.....
- I swaped from Chrome to Firefox a year ago SOOO much better
- U left Libre wolf
- What about Ice Weasel or Sea Monkey?
- What's the DE you're using? Is it KDE? If it's KDE then what's the theme you're using? Looks really good.
- i agree with comments its harder to pick a browser these days that's why i don't switch in the past the pc kinda picked what browser you used it literally came down to which one functioned best i would try chrome firefox and opera and each pc for some reason had a preference nowadays I'm sticking to opera and using the gx variant of it as its the browser i got used to since i don't really got a use case for firefox or chrome unlike before were i had all 3 browsers installed there aren't many heavy browser applications out there anymore which chrome shines at although that is also neglectable these days with the current hardware

opera was always the fastest browser though but it started to do hicups or even crash when loading anything intense firefox is in between the fire not the fastest yet faster then chrome and not the most stable during heavy load but better then opera
- I'm pretty much stuck to Firefox as it's the only one that supports Wayland (thereby supporting fractional scaling on wayland, as the XWayland protocol cannot scale things properly).
- I find firefox best choice for developers. I tried worknig with chrome, it has some neat features that firefox does not have, but firefox beats it when it comes to layout detecting and easiness of use of some other tools.
- Are you Oscar Isaac's lost brother?
- I only need simple web browser with ability to turn off JavaScript and Image when needed. Firefox has the add on but it doesn't work on newer versions. Anyone has suggestion?
- Microsoft edge! Is it?

I use edge and search with ddg
- Vivaldi is private?
Vivaldi only removes the last octet of users IP addresses and assigns users a unique identifier.
- Vivaldi will be the best for everyone