Taking an Instagram picture | Hala

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- You are so cute your videos make me chill💕
- 💕
- God bless you
- luv ur vlogs !!
- I want ask you you are know in arabia are you from?
- Asalaualikum, very nice apart from battery haha, good to see behind the scenes of inta pic and kind of scoked that how much editing stuff needs to be done before posting. Agreed light is very important for sure, Its really good thing to have planner, it keep us going smoothly , keep it up , stay blessed
- I need moreee vlogs : (
- 😊😊
- you’re vlogs are short but still SO entertaining
- Love from Turkey😍
- You are beautiful
- 😪😪😪😪💘💘💘💘 Hii.
dazzling create a video about how to impress my crush.
- sooo good 🤩🤩
- I don’t know why but modesty fashion is really beautiful imo. Are you guys agreeing with me or not? :))
- Lytoo
- U dont need makeup❣❣❣😂
- 2:09 ❤️
- Queen 👑
- You are so beautiful from ly🇱🇾🇱🇾