The New Firefox Redesign

Meet the fresh, new Firefox! Our latest redesign gives you a new, wide-open window to the internet with more privacy than ever before. Read more about Firefox's Redesign here: Download Firefox at Subscribe to Firefox on YouTube at Follow Firefox on Twitter at Follow Firefox on Instagram at ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- 5 months and i still hate it
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- You broke the arrangement of the URL bar, Tab bar and bookmarks bar AGAIN. Users set things the way they like to be efficient, fast and comfortable. It increases productivity. Why must you break these settings again and again? It's not flashy and new, it's a time-consuming pain in the ass to undo what you've broken. If it's even possible for us to fix. If you want to change all this all around on an update, okay, but at least provide the settings we can use to put it back, and don't make it another Easter Egg hunt to do it.
- To @AllCompanies; Please stop redesigning everything that works just fine. I really don't want to spend like 2+ hours for every 135 programs and apps I have installed each time there is a "new improved update" from a version which worked just fine which seems to happen all to frequently in this "dynamic update age". What we really need is stability and consistency instead. I have already ESR on all apps and programs that offer it but it only extends the hassle a little bit. Id rather be learning something useful instead of learning about how to navigate new company designs.
- not much of a redesign still looks ugly! just like windows 25 years ago it was all rectangles and squares an now windows 10 is all rectangles an squares. Funny how the future looks exactly the same as the past. if we're so technologically advanced then how come everything still looks like it did when we weren't technologically advanced!
- Looks very ugly. The new hidden compact mode is larger than the old normal. We use 16:9 monitors, why the hell would you do this to us? We also want vertical tabs option like in Edge. Removing icons from the menu is also a bad idea. The whole new design is stupid. Look at Pale Moon, it still uses the classic UI and it's beautiful. You made everything worse since then.
- Performance please 🥺
- It's a shame what you guys are doing. I'm willing to risk my privacy with older versions instead of downgrading to this crap.
- I rollback to 90.0.2 and I'm not planning to update.
When the problems starts I'll abandon firefox and use EDGE.
I don't like the new look, and user settings are harder to get. I want to have control of my browser, not being forced to have a dozen of background plugins or extensions against my will, things that I don't need and don't even use.
Garbage for the photos/video, etc... problems to uninstall "Priberiam", "Amazon", "Wikipedia", etc...
- I recently switched to FF and I think the design is great. Only thing I changed was that I switched to the compact layout. I guess if you don't come in with a lot of muscle memory, it's much less annoying than what a lot of commenters seem to feel about this.
- Why are tabs (which dirive from tabs in a physical folder dossier) buttons now?
- Uh... The things are too small for a desktop... Please make it bigger so that I can waste more of my time moving my cursor around.
- I love Firefox it may not be as popular as chrome but the general looks are better
- Great design and fast. Currently using Firefox after years of not using.
- Firefox is going in an ugly direction of forced new interfaces that make it harder to use and no way for feedback or do they care about users at all. Fine, after years of using it, I'll be going to something else.
- Congratulations to the authors of this updat. You also destroyed the last thing that was great at FF.
- It sucks!! i stopped using it because of that ugly design...stick to one design for fs
- OMG! I just got FireFox 92 and what the hell! Why would you make the bookmark padding so massive! The change was just jarring, it gives me a headache whenever I see it, and it takes longer to find what I want, because I can't look at multiple items at once.
Yes I know I can just use the search bar, I think that's the reasoning. You want to encourage people to stop using the menu and use the more advanced features. But what if I forget the name of what I need, I need to browse you morons. Why won't you let me browse?!?!?!?

If there is no option to change this soon, I'm done with Firefox. It's still the best browser, by a mile, but I doubt the second best(probably a FF fork) will physically give me pain.
- Losing all your loyal fanbase, nice job!