What happened to Mozilla Firefox? The web browser that got left behind

What happened to Mozilla Firefox? The web browser that got left behind. Is Mozilla Firefox better than Google Chrome? What happened to Netscape Navigator? What is Mozilla Thunderbird? What is Mozilla SeaMonkey? Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome? How does Mozilla make money? What happened to Mozilla Phoenix? Is Mozilla dying? What is the Mozilla Application Suite? This is the story behind one of the world's biggest web browsers: Mozilla Firefox. F ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- Nice history lesson, but the main question, WHY ff and tb have lost market share, is not really answered. That would have been an interesting extension to the video.
Kliknij i zobacz sam top-programy.pl - chwila czasu ale warto. - Firefox is an excellent browser - In my opinion (which is from my own experience) the only weakness it have is when watching Livestreams - after a few minutes it will start trying to buffer every second where it can only recover is when I close the browser and restart the stream again, but the problem will repeat itself again after a short period of time.

Even with the guides available to tweak Firefox, this issue remains unresolved, whether you are using Windows or Linux - this exact problem persists.

As my daily driver - I still use Firefox, however if I'm watching livestreams - then I'm just using Chromium Edge for both Windows and Linux.
- Video suggestion: Why Firefox OS failed
- oh i have memories from when firefox was borned thanks to netscape, feel sad for its sutation, still its my main browser yet.
- I'm a proud Firefox user on the following v operating systems listed in the list below.
A. Desktop / Laptop
1. Linux
2. Mac OS
3. Windows
B. Cellphone / Tablet
1. Android
2. iOS
3. iPad iOS
- They become WOKE & then alienated & isolated over 50% of their users. Then the employees fired the CEO & that was it.
- People who use chrome: Don't care about privacy
People who use firefox: Care about privacy
People who say chrome has better performance: 🐒
- Firefox lost me as a user about 6 months ago when I opened it like I did each and every day and it errored losing years worth of bookmarks and favourites for no apparent reason. This is the straw that broke the Camels back.
- I was using Chrome for about a year, but since Firefox 90 just released, I have jumped back as I find it uses a lot less RAM than Chrome.
- Like quite a few comments here, FireFox is still going strong, and a lot of people still us it, myself included. Google Chrome just isn't my jam, and Microsoft Edge is only something I use to download FireFox.
- New (ver 89) Firefox sucks big time. Fonts in menus are way too hard to
read. I had to set all Proton settings to False. And the New tab icons
are so small that they are virtually invisible. I constantly foe=rbade
Firefox from auto updating to no avail. It forced itself on me. I may
switch to Waterfox
- Very useful information, that'll help me out in a big impact.
- I wanted Microsoft to use Gecko to develop their Edge browser instead of going the Chromium way. They had the resources and the manpower to bring balance to the worldwide web. Alas, Firefox is left alone to fight that battle.
- I've used it since IE went away. I don't trust Chrome and Edge works for chit. That makes FF the least of evils. But it still functions poorly. On all my devices it periodically decides to boycott sites I regularly visit. YH Mail, Craigslist, Youtube, could be anything. When FF gets in a mood it will absolutely refuse to open the page. It just spins for 5 minutes then quits. No error msg, no nothing. A quick search shows this is just how it's designed. I shouldn't have to mess around with cookies and caches every time I need to use the internet. FF should know better.
- Privacy is important, but Firefox is unbearable. It's too slow and buggy.
- Newest version won't let me pause yt videos or skip ads. About to uninstall.
- Mozilla, Woke go Broke!
- Firefox (Mozilla) has become political.....
- What's wrong with extra features? I'm okay with that!
- Firefox best browser