Why Firefox is the best browser for privacy and how to configure things properly (see change log)

This is the second episode of the privacy guides series. In this episode, we explore why Firefox is the best browser for privacy and how to configure things properly. ============================== SUGGESTED ============================== How to configure macOS for privacy 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJBgb8XJoA8 ============================== CHANGE LOG ============================== ⚠️ 6:40 “Only in Private Windows” should be ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- Maybe you could've started by explaining why you would install another browser instead of using Safari.
Więcej macie na tej stronie montaż podłóg Lublin, drewniane podłogi jak nie tu to szukajcie w necie. - Just found you channel, very informative videos, thanks a lot. What is your opinion on MS Edge? It's chromium based but from what I've heard is much better option than Chrome and Microsoft have locket it down a lot.. Interested in your opinion as just setting up my new Macbook and want it secure from the start.
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- Hey, Sun. For the enhanced tracking protection. Under the custom selection, wouldn't you want to choose "in all windows" instead of "only in private windows"? Thanks.
- I followed to the end. One question, setting up Gmail. Do you put it in a container too? Also, how do you set Firefox to use Google maps?
- yes video on firefox mobile
- hi sun! i followed the firefox settings... but it messed up work process on google slides since it's part of my job. for some reason i can't copy paste and there are features that i'm having hard time working on. i have to recheck tho which settings to revert so i can able to work on google slides again smoothly. if you can provide which one to tweak, that would be great!
- I try to separate every website, even Google from YouTube.

The way I see it, using separate containers is like taking two spies that work for the same agency and NOT allowing them to communicate with one another.
- Brave also an amazing browser.
- What is your opinion on Brave. I thought that was the best browser privacy wise.
- I like Firefox and its container use. But all the other browsers based on chrome (eg. Brave) are simply super fast in comparison to Firefox. And I am not talking just about loading. But general handling like moving TABs, etc. Firefox is simply super slow in comparison to others. It seems the Firefox core is rotten and cannot be fixed.
- I'm switching over to Firefox after being unable to get rid of chromecast in my chrome browser. Previously I could disable this in chrome through their flag section, but they recently removed that flag! Which means that chromecast is forced into my browser, and I can see what other people are watching in my building. Even though I disabled the option for it to show what I'm watching, I don't trust it and I feel like my privacy is being violated! It's also just annoying that other peoples broadcast show up on my browser. It's not okay!
- Yes I'm going on Firefox because. Chrome shows me bad images. Just like that.
- I ❤ firefox 👍
- Is it okay to delete cache in deleting browser history?
- Firefox is garbage the thing is always breaking, losing all my password, all my shortcuts, all my plugins, all my default search engines. I am positive google sends undercover programmers to work for Mozilla and they sabotage the code. Google has the money to burn and are dirty crooks you can bet your ass they do this all the time with all kinds of competing companies they sabotage from within.
- I’m curious, what’s your opinion on Brave?
- Please do something similar for Android OS
- hi can i ask you a question? these addons have access to certain data about web browsing. Do we know if google have buy them and use these data like a trap? its a serious question not a theory sorry for my bad english
- it's gonna go sour soon. Mark my words. the whole thing where the new CEO endorsed and promoted internet censorship is eerie. it feels like the people over at Mozilla are in a constant tug of war between being private and being scoundrels. like how google analytics constantly flips and flops in and out of the code. badwolf looks really good to me on the creator's side, but I'm unsure of its safety against attack and am unnerved by the lack of Ublock origin and localCDN. if I like someone, I'll turn off my adblocker for their videos, or even support them on Patreon, but most of the people I watch on youtube aren't making money from their videos. I'm not taking money from anyone I actually want to support, and I'm protecting myself from shady popups that might jump out at me and run a billion weird BS scripts.