Why is Firefox Dying?

Microsoft Edge has now surpased Firefox user base. What would cause the once most popular browser to fall to be almost the least used web browser? In this video we look at the reasons Firefox is dying and suggest what they need to do to win back their old user base. #Firefox #Edge #Linux https://www.techspot.com/news/89180-mircosoft-edge-user-numbers-keep-growing-firefox-falls.html https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2021/03/microsoft-edge-linux-sync-n ... Wasze opinie, komentarze:
- The world is dying because lies became "alternative truth". If we want to survive, we need to outlaw lying for good.
Tu polecam zerknąć fansport.pl , zawsze coś przydatnego. - I just got used to FF but it's starting to wear on me. Every update is pure suspense. I never know what it's going to screw up after completion. Maybe it'll delete some bookmarks or block sites I previously authorized, then they hide the most mundane, commonly used controls. Like I have time for this chit. It almost seems like they want to chase us off. Now they went political. Never, ever trust people who use "disinformation" without trying to be funny.
- I do not appreciate Mozilla's detour into social engineering, and I dropped Firefox as my primary browser - I however now use Waterfox, because I still want to support and use the Gecko rendering engine - I don't want the web to become totally dominated by Blink-based browsers.
- This actually reminds me of a (somewhat) recent study: When you show people facts which clearly goes against what they believe in, most people won't change their mind or will not be as sure about it anymore. Instead it will further cement the opinion of most people and make their believe stronger.
- Because it is run by the wokes that kicked out brendan, I bet all they did in the office nowadays is just gossiping around waiting for google money
- That with Muslims is wrong brother sorry.  

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Shalom , Selam & Peace.
- I'll have to disagree with you on your conclusions as to why Firefox is dieing, your saying this political stance of Firefox is the reason. Your saying it alienates about 50% of users well no it doesn't, because not all users including me are in the US. Honesty I couldn't give a flying f about what's going in the US or what Firefox said, and add to that Firefox's market share was declining long before contentious elections and pandemics. It's simply because chrome is easy it connects seamlessly to everything and most people use Google anyway, but it's an interesting theory at any rate.
- Disinformation are lies dude, plain and simple. Its not about personal lukewarm beliefs.
- 363rd comment
- I think it has to do with some technical stuff too, other than politics. I mean just look at the Reddit page for Firefox, about 5% go after Mozilla's politics, the rest go after Firefox's technical stuff like all the glitches, lags, and most of all removing key features that people actually use. I mean all other browsers offer these features and Firefox doesn't, then why not switch. I have some friends that work on different distros of Linux, they are all debating on changing to Edge or Brave at the moment. I'm using Windows 11 beta on one of my devices, default browser is Edge (Windows 11 makes it annoying to change), I use brave for a little more privacy sometimes. But every once in a while I used Firefox and everytime it gets worse. It takes so much CPU and RAM to just run it now, at the same time removing features.
- Thanks for this. The ministry of truth is really here...
Regarding FF: It's all about the money - and big money is pushing a certain agenda with huge impetus. And no, they don't do it because they care so much about trans people or people of color's rights. Its a tactic called subversion. Destroying societies, divide et impera.

I'm watching this in edge, running in an X11 window created by suckless dwm... Because it does not matter anymore if its edge or chrome or FF - they are all in the same club anyway.
- I hate that mozilla tries to push stupid political agendas onto its users. Imo, its well deserved that they are loosing users
- I gave give you ONE very good reason why Firefox is tanking.... SUPPORT. It's imposible to get in touch with someone working there. For support features or anything. I have tried for days and days to find a link to a webform, email or anything to get in touch with a living being working there. No luck.
- Firefox just has become worse with every version since Firefox 2.
And the removal of it's AddOn system was it's death strike, because this was the only thing it had ahead of all the other browsers, which are all completely identical. My Firefox cannot even play live streams on YouTube correctly anymore, because it gets slower and slower with the chat filling up, and becomes unusable, when there are about 300 lines of text in chat.
- Too many updates and new versions from Firefox.
- Have been going back and forth between Brave and Vivaldi. So sad to see FF get woke.
- Firefox just keeps changing things that piss me off and to be honest, I trust M$ less than I trust Google. Google doesn't try to sign me in like Edge does either... M$ pushing the "connected experience" and "default app" BS is over the top and unwelcome.
- I am a big fan of firefox but I have changed to chrome for few reasons.
1. Most of corporate intranet site works well with Internet Explorer and chrome handles all those site better than firefox.
2. Recently we have started using Google cloud and GCP console literally hangs the firefox. So i had no option other than using Google Chrome for GCP console. I can't afford to switching between multiple browsers on my system.
3. Sometimes I found some of the government department websites works better in Google Chrome than Firefox.
I am still using Firefox on my phone and personal computer but on office computer I have switched to Chrome.
I never thought the perspective that you have for Mozilla foundation but I feel it's mainly not accepting the customisation that Microsoft has done in past and now with GCP console. So whether you like or not but you shouldn't ignore Microsoft or Google.
- I cant get into the FTP's i need for work through firefox, so essentially there is NO reason for me to use it. I notice people slagging off Brave in the comments, but I have found it wonderful to use.